December 1st Build

I will not be reviewing the December 2nd Build.  It does not work on my PC.

The most amazing and most updated build ever!

-Yandere Simulator Fan Page Admin

Anyway, I know last night he came out with a new build, but I figured… What the heck?

The new characters, new school, everything is just amazing!  I especially love the Basu sisters!!!  They are so cuuuute!!! Oka is pretty awesome too… 😉

I also love all of the new rooms; clubs, counselor’s office, the courtyard in the middle where that creepy orange-haired girl is.  I absolutely LOVE it all!!!!

I enjoyed finding new ways to kill KOKONAAAAAAA!!!!!

I won’t say any more in case you haven’t seen it yet…

I’ll post a review of the new December Build sometime… Hopefully this week.


Yandere Simulator Credits & Page Summary

I want to first start out to say:  I do not own Yandere Simulator!!!  All credits go to YandereDev…  Uh, I don’t know what his real name is.  But, his WordPress and Youtube are linked on the top of the page.

This page will be for reviews (all of which will be six stars out of five; I will mostly just be expressing my excitement about it!!! :D), fan art, and other stuff about YanSim that comes along the way.