December 1st Build

I will not be reviewing the December 2nd Build.  It does not work on my PC.

The most amazing and most updated build ever!

-Yandere Simulator Fan Page Admin

Anyway, I know last night he came out with a new build, but I figured… What the heck?

The new characters, new school, everything is just amazing!  I especially love the Basu sisters!!!  They are so cuuuute!!! Oka is pretty awesome too… 😉

I also love all of the new rooms; clubs, counselor’s office, the courtyard in the middle where that creepy orange-haired girl is.  I absolutely LOVE it all!!!!

I enjoyed finding new ways to kill KOKONAAAAAAA!!!!!

I won’t say any more in case you haven’t seen it yet…

I’ll post a review of the new December Build sometime… Hopefully this week.


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